May 11, 2012

Muffins with Mom

This morning t and I had breakfast together at her school.  It was not only Muffins with Mom day, it was also fancy day.  All the kids could dress up and t was really in to it this year.  A big shout-out to Uncle Jeff, Aunt Reddy, Chris and Livy for the silver heart necklace and tiara, and to Aunt Melanie, Uncle Chippy, Cole and Caitlyn for the Rapunzel dress and hair!  It was all a big hit today!

Happy Mother's Day to all you moms out there and a very special Mother's Day to my own mom!  I love you and hope you have the great day you deserve!   

May 3, 2012


What a wonderful Easter day we had in Tennessee.  We went to early church and and the music was so powerful (as usual)!  We left there to go back to Emme's house for an Easter egg hunt then we went out for brunch.  It was very yummy!  I was really building that up to Tessa saying that this is something Fancy Nancy would do!  We got to the restaurant and she asked if Fancy Nancy would be there (my response here could make or break the total brunch experience)!  I broke the news about FN not being with us and told her she was with her family since it was Easter.  That went over better than expected.  We went home and all took naps/rested and then Emme came over to our house for a fancy dinner.  Yes, I broke out the china!!  It was a lot of fun and the perfect combination of festivities and rest!  

Yes, she usually covers her face with whatever she's holding in doubt on purpose!

The Easter Bunny is so practical! 

Ummm...I'd like to go on an Easter egg hunt for eggs like this!

I got nothing to say on this one!  

They both look beautiful, don't they??  LOVE this pic!

BIG Girl Bed

Yes, it was that time.  T was running out of room in her toddler bed (partly because of her height and partly because of all the stuffed animals she sleeps with).  I wonder when/if the fascination with stuffed animals will ever go away.  To tell you the truth, at this point, I can't see the end in sight.  She LOVES them!

She went from this:

To this:

She did very well with the transition.  She came home for days after and would go in her room and hang out in her bed reading or playing.  What's not to love about that bright and colorful bed, right?  


The BIG 4!

Hi there.  Yes, I know it's been a while since we last talked.  I'm here to catch you up.  It will come in pieces...let's start with January.  T turned 4 and she chose a Rapunzel themed party.  She had a great time and I had a lot of fun getting ready for the party.  With her b-day so close to Christmas, I never feel like I have enough time for planning.  This year I decided to have t pick out her theme before Christmas.  This worked out well although I was worried she would change her mind.  I'm glad I didn't have to deal with that!  Here are some pictures:

Tattoos...not just for kids!  Yes, there were adults to walk out with Rapunzel tatts!

This was the Pascal craft the kiddos made.

This picture below is not from her b-day party, but very special.  Her Great-Grandma (GG Dobbie) gave her birthday money to go buy what she wanted.  We headed off to Toys-R-Us and these are the items she picked out with her money.  She was so excited to get to do that!  Way to go GG Dobbie!

Jan 19, 2012


In case you didn't know she's four today!!  Notice the four fingers??  Does this mean she's a big girl and won't whine anymore?  Didn't think so!
Boo-ster seat!  Need I say more. 

Jan 18, 2012

The BIG Day

Tomorrow is a big day!  T turns 4!  I was thinking back to last year and remembered exactly what we did on her birthday....

Jim had class so he wasn't able to experience this lovely adventure.  T wanted to go to Chick-fil-a so off we went.  I told her if things went well at dinner that we could stop at Gigi's on the way home and get a cupcake.  We get inside, order, and get to the table with our food.  T got nuggets (as she usually does) and I got the #1.  She wanted some of my sandwich and, being the loving mother I am, I get my knife and place it to my sandwich to cut her a piece.  That's when it happened:  the tight fists, the red face, the flailing legs, the shoes flying off and, my favorite part, the bloodcurdling scream. I could not believe it...well, actually I could.  I gave her the mean mommy response.  I squeezed her arm..."Ouch mommy, you're hurting me!"  I began packing up our stuff and said we were leaving.  I stopped.  I began unpacking our stuff saying, no we're not leaving.  This newly turned 3-year old was not going to win this!  I sat there eating my sandwich glaring at my precious angel.  I put the last bite of my sandwich in my mouth and that's when she said, "Can I have some of your sandwich?"  Ha!  Yeah, right!  We finished at Chick-fil-a and went straight home.  We walked in the door and she said, "Mommy, aren't we going to Gigi's?"  Arrggghhhh!  Let's hope for better things this year!!